A Small Business Christmas

Hi girls,

How are we doing on this lockdown Saturday? I’m not going to lie, I am quite enjoying the fact that I have got absolutely NOTHING to do this weekend. Any excuse to stay home, stay in pyjamas, stay in bed and watch movies all day is a great day in my eyes 😂

One thing I am going to start doing this weekend is begin my Christmas shopping. I am normally a last minute shopper and don’t start thinking about it until beginning of December but this year I’m going to spread the cost (I sound like a TV advert!) over November and December and be a bit more organised. I have also decided that I am going to buy my Christmas presents from small businesses only. Supporting small businesses is really important to me and this year more than ever those people struggling to keep their passions, their businesses, their livelihood afloat, need our help in this extremely difficult time.

So I’ve been doing some research today to find all kinds of small businesses out there and the best places to shop for different people. From the likes of my Dad (always difficult to buy for), my 11 year old brother who every time I blink he’s another year older (I’m still wanting to buy him little kids toys 😂) to my grandparents, sister, Aunties & Uncles, Mum etc.

So here is my ultimate small businesses only gift guide…
(Confession, I did put on a bit of Christmas music today when writing this, I just got in the mood!)

For the Fashionistas…
(click on the picture to go through to website)

From Future is an amazing small independent brand based in France that specialise in cashmere and wool knitwear.
I absolutely love their mix of colours and graphics.
18k gold chain with green onyx necklace, that colour is so beautiful.
From Wild Lotus Jewellery sold on Etsy
100% cashmere jumper – can’t go wrong for the men in your life!
From Future
Le Bonnet on Trouva
I can testify that these hats are absolutely gorgeous, made of lambswool and made in Scotland.
100% cashmere joggers, yes please Father Christmas!
From Future
From Hurley Burley Gifts sold on Etsy
My Dad is always needing a scarf (always moaning he’s cold) and he loves anything personalised so I got him a wool scarf last year with his name on and he loved it.
For that fashionista, a leopard print beret is an essential.
From independent boutique (one of my favourites) in Islington; S120
Love this patterned scarf, perfect for the Christmas Day walk!
From S120
These loafers are so chic, stylish yet comfy.
A real staple in any woman’s wardrobe.
From S120
Olkahoma is a fantastic lifestyle boutique I discovered in Manchester a couple of months back.
These earrings are hand painted and made in an art studio in Manchester.

For the ones who love a bath and a self care kind of Saturday night…

Powell Craft on Trouva
These pyjamas are so beautiful! Perfect for Christmas Day wear
EMU slippers from boutique Lulu & M (on Trouva)
I can verify, these slippers are amazingly soft, the recipient will never wear shoes ever again!
From Juul At Home based in Devon
A good old fashioned shaving brush is a perfect present for the self caring man.
From independent shop Indie Edinburgh
This isn’t just bubble bath, this is beautiful hand made in Yorkshire artisan bubble bath!
I mean you’d never want to use it it’s just too pretty!

For the gadget lovers…

From independent shop England At Home based in Brighton.
For all the coffee lovers in your life, this is the PERFECT gift!
I tested these out last year and they are totally awesome!
Amazing sound quality, connect up to your phone with Bluetooth and then there’s a button underneath to take a selfie on your phone.
Wicked colours too.
Lexon speaker from Source London
Love this for any gamer (kid or adult)
From Printcrafted sold on Etsy UK
Got this saved for my brother, this will revolutionise his car journeys!
From Makerlab3D sold on Etsy

To the keen gardeners and the ones who DON’T kill their plants…

Beautiful illustrated flowers and a puzzle combined?
Surely this is every Grandparents dream ❤️
From independent boutique Indie Edinburgh
A bird feeder gift
From Not on the Highstreet
This book is a wonderful addition to any keen gardener.
The imagery alone is coffee table flick through worthy.
Aww any wonderful Mum will love this thoughtful present ❤️
From Not on the Highstreet
Mint smells amazing in the home and plant and kitchen lovers combined will love this little gift.
From LondonWorks concept store based in Camden
These napkins are gorgeous, the illustrations so brilliant!
From Not on the Highstreet
A grow your own berry jam kit
From Not on the Highstreet

To the stylish home lovers…

This 70s inspired coffee pot is so fabulous.
The colours are amazing 😍
From Mad Atelier based in East London
Olkahoma is fantastic for homeware.
Everything they do is bright and fabulous.
Including this beautiful hand painted peacock jug.
Space Oddity is a one woman small business based in East Yorkshire.
Specialising in amazing prints and cards.
From Space Oddity
A set of 4 vintage embossed wine glasses.
From Not on the Highstreet
From Space Oddity
Amazing cocktail tumblers, any uni student who’s missing out on the nightlife will love these for making their own cocktails at home!
From Not on the Highstreet

I’ll be sharing some more gift ideas on my Instagram stories over the next few weeks of other small businesses I discover.
Also, if YOU or someone you know have a small business and you’re reading this then let me know! I’d love to support you 😘

Lots of love girls xxxx

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