Party Outfits 2020 Style

Hi girls,
happy Saturday!

So this week I’m talking, dreaming, thinking about party dresses, as I do every year around this time. However, this year it doesn’t look like we’re going to get to wear them much (goodbye office Christmas party 😕). But I’m still holding out hope for Christmas where I’ll just dress up for the whole festive period instead of wearing pj’s because let’s be honest that novelty has definitely worn off. I just love all my party like clothes in my wardrobe – sequins, tassels, tulle skirts, feathers you name it – I love dressing up for an occasion and I’m getting just a little tired of wearing casual sweatpants.

So every day this week I wore my party outfits for working from home and styled them dressed down for future adventures outside (probably just to the supermarket in reality).

Day 1
I’ve not worn this pink mini dress yet with balloon sleeves and pleats on the bottom half. I would normally wear it as a party dress with glittery tights and heels but it’s also mega comfy so I decided to dress it down for working from home. Chuck on a pair of slippers and a cosy sweater vest and I’m good to go.

Day 2
So I got this dress last year and I struggled a bit on how to wear it. it’s definitely a Winter dress as the fabric is quite thick and it’d look a bit odd with sandals. I’d definitely wear it to a party with heels (and definitely a jacket) but I wanted to wear it casually as well or at least where it to dinner or something. I wore it last year to work/drinks with a black polo neck underneath but looking back that wasn’t a great look (considering the fabric is actually blue – big no no). But then I had an epiphany this week and saw this jersey polo neck hanging next to it in the wardrobe and suddenly I’ve got a whole new outfit! The yellow colours on both just compliment each other and I love it with boots and my lilac crochet bag for a colour clash.

Day 3
Oh this tulle gold embellished skirt is just so beautiful (I’ve linked it to the picture below). It would be such a great party outfit with a little crop top or bandeau but for now I’ll wear it high low with my sweatshirt and trainers (thanks Covid). Mixing colours here for a fresh bold look.

I also love it with my sweater vest and a checked blouse underneath for the ULTIMATE print clash, it works in a not working on purpose kind of way if that makes any sort of sense 😂.
Also, anyone want to guess how many ways I can wear this sweater vest? Every day I put something on and think ooo my purple sweater vest would go with this! Talk about a worthy buy.

Also featuring my new carpet!
(It’s not new; we bought it off a woman who lives in the area).

Day 4
Another skirt in the mix, this shiny crinkle pink tiered skirt which I just lurveeee. This piece is quite versatile so I’d wear it both ways – with a polo neck perhaps and boots for a more smarter look and for now (while I binge watch movies and only leave the house to take the bin out) a sweatshirt and hiking boots or trainers. Also this sweatshirt I found a few months back on sale for next to nothing in TK Maxx and it’s Ralph Lauren, it is SO soft (aww I miss TK!).

Also tucked in a neck scarf to tie it all together a bit, neck scarf and a sweatshirt, who knew!

I am also enjoying it with my velvet zip up hoodie.

Day 5
To be honest girls, day 5 was meant to be my very very VERY exciting new sequin dress from Ganni (heavily discounted on The Outnet’s clearance sale so just couldn’t resist) but it just doesn’t suit me!!! 😫 I am gutted. I retied it about 4 times yesterday to make it work but it’s not happening and I can’t force it as it’ll just sit in my wardrobe gathering dust for eternity, it’s just super unflattering on me so I’m returning it.

However if I WAS a 6ft model then this is sort of how I WOULD wear it.
I love the idea of wearing it casually with sporty trainers and a polo neck underneath or maybe a sweater vest over the top.

It looks alright from the side, maybe I’ll just only walk sideways when I wear it? Like a crab?

In preparation for this amazing purchase arriving (just so tragic), I did a bit of Pinterest street style searching as well for ways to dress it down this year.

This is the ULTIMATE look. Another Ganni dress but unfortunately not discounted and I don’t currently have 500 quid going spare 🙁
I love it with the baseball cap and scruffy trainers though!
Sequin and pink jumper? Omg I need this.
Sequin skirt vibes with trainers and a sporty tee, hell yeah!
Love this look from a past Paris fashion week.
The gold skirt and belt with the ‘ugly’ Nan jumper and collar are just such a cool combo.
Such a pretty way of dressing down sequins.
This is basically me in the supermarket this year 😂
Not looking quite as cool though in this fab sequin slip dress and DMs
Green sequins and a chunky roll neck I am here for.
A rock and roll sweatshirt or tee and a party skirt is a dream combo 😍

Wearing party outfits this week definitely helped my mood at times when I’m going a little stir crazy at home 🥴
So maybe try restyling some of your party outfits in your wardrobe and tag me in your creations on Instagram (Itsagirlthing.net_).

Lots of love girls! Xxxx

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