Leggings – Our Saviour 🙌

Hi girls,
happy Saturday! So glad it’s the weekend, I feel exhausted this week. Felt like a complete zombie all day yesterday and utterly spaced out, I think it might be the weather.

Anyway, this week I’m talking about leggings. The most comfortable piece of clothing ever for lounging around and venturing outside. But how can we wear leggings without looking frumpy or like we’re teenagers in the early 2000s (do you remember that fashion faux par of wearing Primark leggings with just a little crop top and Ugg boots? 😂). Never understood it – I was an Ugg boot wearer but never fancied walking down my local high street with the label and my knickers visible through the fabric.

Back in March I put my jeans at the back of my wardrobe and didn’t bring them out until around September this year where I was frustrated to find they no longer fit (was I really surprised?). I assumed it was the fact I had gained a bit of weight (haven’t we all). So the last few months I’ve tried to focus on regularly exercising, moving my body especially when I am sat working at home for hours on end, and eating healthy to be able to fit back into my jeans. I am now back to my weight that I was before but for some odd reason my jeans still don’t fit!
I think it’s a combination of not being used to wearing restricted clothing (let’s face it jeans were never the comfiest thing for sitting on our arses all day) and someone said to me the other day that my body shape might have changed slightly. I went from commuting to work every day before March including a 20 minute walk from the station and back and doing regular exercise as well to literally not moving for hours on end while I work from home and went running a couple of times a week, it’s actually a big sudden change to the body when you think about it.

So while my jeans will remain at the back of my wardrobe for now – I did manage to wear a pair last week at my local farmers market for an hour or two but had to change immediately when I got home 😂 – I have resulted in wearing leggings to fill that void. While I have lived in skirts so far this Autumn, now that it has got proper cold, my poor ankles are going to be feeling the brunt of it.

Oh and the other disaster that I am also now facing is, I realised the other week that I seem to have misplaced every single pair of tights that I owned last year. I have looked EVERYWHERE but they have disappeared since we moved house back in July. They must have accidentally got binned or something for which I am gutted. I had some great pairs of tights in great colours and patterns. So not only cannot I not fit into my jeans but I am also struggling to wear any dresses now it’s cold because I don’t own any tights, it’s a disaster really.
Yes I could go and BUY some tights but what is the point of buying them online to pay for delivery (which sometimes is more expensive than the tights themselves). So I am hoping to go shopping at some point and I have asked for tights in my stocking too 😂.

So with all of that, I have resulted in wearing leggings that are UBER comfy and keep me warm. Pairing them with boots not trainers and an oversized or long length jumper (because let’s face it Bridget was right, nobody wants to see our wobbly bits).

I have basically lived in these leopard print leggings this week.
I have linked where to buy them to this picture.
Loved wearing this outfit this week, so comfy and warm!

I’ve pulled together from Pinterest some other great leggings outfits for inspiration. It definitely feels like a trend at the moment. Maybe everyone can’t fit into their jeans anymore? (I’m just the only one to say so 😂).

Leggings but make them smart, love this classic look.
Okay this only works if you look like that (I would look terrible) but if you do then go for it girl!

Two of my favourite fashion bloggers are the MASTERS of styling leggings, I am obsessed 😍…

Megan Ellaby
linked her Instagram account to this picture
Danielle Spencer
Profile linked to this picture

So if you’re struggling for comfy yet warm Winter outfits then perhaps dig out your old leggings (perhaps not the Primark ones?) and try styling them with a big jumper and boots for an ultimate comfort outfit.

Stay safe out there and lots of love xxxx

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