4 Incredible Books

Hi girls,
Happy Saturday, how are we all doing this week? I must admit I’ve struggled a bit; just fed up with 2020 as I’m sure we all are. I just want it to be Christmas now.
I usually love this time of year – being around all the big Christmas lights in central London, doing my Christmas shopping on Regent St, seeing all the pubs filled with merry people, work Christmas parties etc. But this year none of that has happened obviously and I’m finding restrictions so much harder this month than the rest of this year. London is in tier 2 (for now) so people are allowed to meet up outside etc but I am choosing not to so that I can go home for Christmas (really can’t get Covid in the next week so that I have to self isolate in my flat over the festive period), so apart from working from home I am pretty much staring at the same 4 walls of my small London apartment and going a little bit crazy 🥴
I hope you’re all doing okay girls, we’re nearly there, 1 more week until Christmas and New Year.

One thing that has been getting me through this time is a really great book to read and I have read some fantastic books recently. I love it when I get onto a roll of 5 star books, nothing worse than not enjoying one.

So I thought I’d do a round up of the best books I’ve recently read and what I’d recommend to you readers. I always have a book on the go over Christmas, sitting in front of the fire with a glass of red wine and new PJ’s gifted from Aunty Sue (I don’t actually have an Aunty Sue but I can imagine she’s the type of Aunty to gift PJ’s every year) 😂.

So first up is the utterly brilliant new novel by Stephen King called The Institute. I absolutely adored his novel last year called The Outsider (another definite recommendation from me) so I couldn’t wait to get my teeth stuck into this one. It’s about a boy called Luke Ellis who is super clever and has a super special gift. One night he gets kidnapped and taken to this secret government facility where he realises that he is one kid out of a long line of them, kidnapped for a special reason. As time goes on and he’s still figuring out what he’s doing there, he begins to make friends. It looks like he’ll never escape but.
It’s quite a beefy book and it takes a while to get properly into it but having known the author’s work I knew it would get good and when it did, my gosh it didn’t disappoint.
Anyone who loves a crime or thriller novel will love this!

Then I read The Guest List, another fantastic book by author Lucy Foley. I loved her debut novel The Hunting Party last year so couldn’t wait for this one. I did read some bad reviews from disappointed fans from The Hunting Party but I personally loved this next one.
It’s not a difficult read as such like Stephen King’s writing is but the story line twists and turns and unravels more and more until you’ve realised you’ve read the entire book in 3 days 😂 I just couldn’t stop reading.
It’s based around a wedding set to be ultra fabulous and glamorous on a remote island off the coast of Ireland. The bride and groom are high society and the day is set to be magical. But every guest and the bride and groom have their own secrets hidden deep down and something about being all together and on the island is causing everything to bubble up to the surface and unravel.
Another cracking book for any psychological thriller fans!

That was the last time I went out to a book store (oh how I miss browsing round Waterstones or Foyles) so everything else I’ve read on my kindle – cheaper anyway and better for the planet/my over crowded bookshelf.

Next up is from a new author and her debut novel The Chalet. Oh just utterly brilliant! Again hooked from the start and finished it in less than a week (you can tell there’s a theme here haha).
Set in the French Alps, two couples are on holiday in a luxury chalet. Almost 20 years ago, a tragedy happened in this ski resort and although time has passed, it has not been forgotten. The story flips between what happened in the past and the present day. Towards the end all becomes clear and the reason why the two stories are connected; revenge.
Such a page turner! It had me guessing who the characters really were or what their motive was but I completely got it wrong and was shocked when all was revealed.

Then finally, last night I finished this sensational book;The Cutting Place by Jane Casey. Now I haven’t heard of this author before and only came across this novel when searching for something to read and it came up on my Kindle daily deals. But as I discovered after finishing it, Jane Casey is a well established crime author and this book is the latest in a series! Trust me to read the 9th book in a series and have no idea there’s 8 before it. But on the positive side, I have now got 8 books I cannot wait to read!
I really connected with the main character, DS Maeve Kerrigan of which the series is based around and her investigating different (mostly horrific) crimes.
The Cutting Place story line is so cleverly written, I was constantly trying to figure out what happened, pretending I was a detective myself (safe to say I didn’t get it and wouldn’t make a very good detective). Twists and turns at every chapter, I was constantly so entranced that I had to bring myself up for air (metaphorically speaking although I was getting a very stiff neck).

So that rounds up my 4 brilliant books I’ve recently finished, all just utterly fantastic.
I do love psychological thriller, crime and horror books (is there something wrong me?) but they’re just so good!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend girls whether you’ve got plans or whether you plan to stay in bed, in PJ’s, reading and staying away from people – like I plan to do 🙂

Lots of love xxxx

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