Coats Glorious Coats

Hey girls,
how are we? Last weekend before Christmas!
I managed to escape this week before tier 3 came into place in London. Just felt like it was safer me coming up to my parents house early, socially distancing until Christmas Day and doing a test up here rather than staying in London where the chances of getting it and spreading it are higher. What a sh*t year huh? I hope you’ve got something exciting planned for Christmas whether you’re seeing friends or family etc.

So this week I’m talking about coats. It’s been a lot colder recently more so than it usually is at this timing (I swear it doesn’t get cold until after Christmas normally?) meaning I’ve got good use out of all my glorious coats of which I love.
I have a bit of a coat obsession, there’s just nothing better than a warm stylish coat in the Winter. It’s one of those pieces that just pulls an outfit together for me.
I’ve gone through a phase of obsession with fur coats, suede, borg, teddy, checked and now I’m at a content place of loving and treasuring all the coats I own and wear them equally.
So I’ve shared below all the coats I’ve been wearing so far this Winter and similar ones I’ve found for sale from the high-street, vintage and independent businesses (all links to the websites are accessed by clicking on the picture).

First up though, is this fab coat which I couldn’t resist treating myself to (I had a special discount to use so why not?). This gorgeous oversized denim jacket with Borg lining from Urban Outfitters, linked the picture. It’s really oversized so if you’re wanting a tighter fit then I would recommend sizing down. But personally I love the oversized look. It means it works with denim as well as skirts and dresses. I have worn it so much already, I just want to cuddle up on the floor in it 🥰

Another one of my favourite coats is this short fur in olive green. It’s SO warm and cosy, perfect for a really cold day and I just love the colour.

Absolutely love this colour!

I’ve worn this coat a lot already, I love playing around with the multi check and pairing it with different colours and patterns.

A classic check, can’t go wrong and makes for a super stylish smart outfit.
Oh wow, in love with this checked jacket 😍

This coat was where it all began, I saw this brown fur coat in a little boutique where I went to school in Suffolk when I was around 17 and instantly fell in love with it. Mum bought it for me for Christmas and I’ve looked after it ever since (that was about 9 years ago). It’s from a British company called Ruby & Ed who I have since worked with on coats. I love the brown tones in the fur, the bell sleeves and it’s got a hood at the back. I often wear it on smart evening occasions but seeing as those are non existent this year I’ve been wearing it casually.

Another fur coat I love is this bottle green coat from a brand called Selected Femme a few years back. There’s something special about a brightly coloured fur coat.

How amazing is this colour!!! 😍

Ah so this coat was a cheeky little bargain find in TK Maxx from what was Nicole Fahri.

This brown suede with shearling inside I found in a little vintage shop in Soho.

Finally, my other favourite fur coat, this special patchwork fur from Anthropologie a few years back. I’ve never seen anything quite like it since ❤️.

Another Anthropologie special fur.

Lots of love girls and I hope you have a MERRRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


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