Lockdown Lounging

Hi girls,
happy New Year!

How are we all doing? I had a couple weeks off from writing, just really taking it slow over Christmas and New Year, going for long dog walks as well as eating my body weight in chocolate, whoops! 😋
So another lockdown, I hope you’re all hanging on in there. It definitely feels tougher this time as we’ve not got the lovely weather to lift our moods like we did before. But it doesn’t mean we can’t try to remain positive during this time. I will be bringing back the positivity highlight on my Instagram (Itsagirlthing.net_) for anything I see, hear, think (perhaps smell?) to bring some joy to lockdown. Like the amazing sky we had the other day out my window in the office…

I went back to work on Monday at home (that was a struggle; getting up in the morning) and I was meant to be getting back on the old exercise again but to be honest… CBA!!!
I’ve told myself that this week I’m easing myself back in to waking up earlier and having a routine (what a load of 💩). Then next week it will be exercising again when it’s not quite as hard to wake up and get myself out of bed.

Anyway, lockdown week 1 and what have I been wearing…
I treated myself to a New Year’s present this week (is that a thing? I’m making it a thing) of a fab tie dye sweatshirt/jogger set from Gap. I absolutely love the Olivia Rubin ones but let’s be honest, who can afford those. I resisted buying loungewear so much in lockdown no.1 as I was really living in comfy Summer dresses. Lockdown no.2 was only a little lockdown but when Boris announced lockdown no.3 I thought nah I’m not having this, time to treat myself!
I paired it with a beret and the most AMAZING collar that I got for Christmas from a small independent brand called Lola Alba Vintage (you definitely need to check them out on Instagram).

I’ve been jazzing up old cashmere jumpers as well with a collar this week. This jumper is the COSIEST thing ever, it used to be my Mum’s but I nabbed it a while back. I just love the pom poms and elbow stitches! Another beret to keep me warm in the house because it is blimmin freezing!

Oh and I’ve also been wearing my pyjamas as actual clothing, because when else am I going to be able to work in my pj’s 💁‍♀️ I love these ones from Desmond & Dempsey, such a fab print.

Linked the pyjamas

As a loungewear buyer we’re not seeing this trend going away any time soon. The high low style of wearing joggers paired with something smart on top is very much a thing. Lounge and sleepwear sales have gone through the roof. Wearing pyjamas to Tesco has become normal (see above) and I don’t think we’re ever going to be able to go back to denim (I certainly haven’t since March last year). By now the majority of the high-street has jumped on the lounge bandwagon.

Here’s some of my fave loungewear pieces and styling inspiration…

Just to highlight Pangaia first, I would love a pair of these so much 😍
Everything is made with recycled cotton and using environmentally friendly dye. They do several drops a year and they sell out mega quickly so if you want one, be quick and follow their Instagram account for news of product launches.

Click on the picture to go through to the website
How fabulous is this green colour!
I am also obsessed with this Kitri Studio set, fabulously worn by the awesome HeartZeena
Emma Louise Connolly
Naaomi Ross

Lots of love to you all and stay safe out there xxx

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