Second Hand Saves

Hi girls,
Happy Saturday, hope you’re all doing okay and hanging on in there, the days just seem to be a blur at the moment don’t they?

Okay so I wanted to talk about second hand clothing this week. It’s a focus for me this year (I don’t have New Years resolutions as such) to buy and sell more second hand clothing and control what’s coming in and out of my wardrobe more. It’s something I’ve been conscious of for a while and I try and buy from small businesses mostly (I haven’t stepped into or clicked onto a Zara, Topshop etc for over a year now). My only high street vice being H&M occasionally as they are slightly better with their organic cotton and conscious range but even that isn’t that much better for the environment. I work in the fashion industry so I see how much waste there is and when I am sampling I try to be as mindful about it as possible. We actually had lots of training last year set up by the company I work for to educate us in sustainability in the fashion industry and how much it affects the environment. At one point I was actually getting emotional over Zoom as I was just so shocked and felt so guilty for ever buying into fast fashion and contributing to the haunting huge figures before my eyes.

There are some things that I won’t buy second hand (underwear/pyjamas/loungewear for example) but most things are absolutely fine to buy second hand and can easily be washed. Buying second hand doesn’t need to be a risk and I do think there’s a stigma around it. If you are logical in buying something that doesn’t appear completely worn out (unless that’s the look you’re after?). As well as carefully wash (or dry clean if you’re really ‘boujie’ 😉) the item as soon as you receive it then there’s really nothing wrong with second hand. Especially if it’s from a brand that you already know then you know the fit, the fabric, the quality etc. It’s not like buying vintage online (until the shops open again) which can be tricky, there’s a lot of awful quality vintage that can look great in an image but then you get it at home and think gosh this isn’t going to last 1 wear or the fabric is just awful to touch (definitely been there).

This ASOS sweater vest was a fab second hand purchase I bought last year. I have worn it so much, I love it.

Ebay, Depop and Vinted are the most popular places to buy second hand clothing as we all know. I find Depop is the best place for very sought after brands and vintage, EBay again is best for branded whereas Vinted is great for a whole range of things and mostly a lot cheaper.

There’s some amazing people out there promoting slow fashion and second hand clothing, here’s a few to follow if you don’t already…
(click on the picture to go through to their Instagram account)

So here it is, my recent second hand saves from Depop, EBay and Vinted…
(click on the link to go through to the post)

This jumper is incredible 😍
Obsessed with this colour
The most AMAZING jacket I have ever seen!
Huge House of Sunny fan
Collars are EVERYTHING right now
Yes you read it correctly, a genuine BURBERRY vintage trench coat!
Baum und Pfersgarten for a £10!

This Sunday I will be starting a new weekly segment on my Instagram stories called ‘Sunday Second Hand Saves’ featuring all my favourite saves just like the above each week. So be sure to keep an eye out on my stories every Sunday for more second hand highlights!

I will also be selling some items in my wardrobe over the next few months so will share more on my Instagram stories when I’ve uploaded them.

Happy second hand shopping girls 😘 and stay safe out there xxx

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