Trying Out Trinny London

Hi girls,
happy weekend!

So this week I thought I’d talk about Trinny London. I don’t know about you but I’m obsessed with Trinny (as in Trinny & Susanna) on Instagram, her styling videos are amazing and I just love watching her. I was intrigued about her make up brand and coincidentally I kindly got given a starter kit for Christmas.

The make up and skincare brand is mainly about these little pots (of joy) that you can then stack together and will cover all your make up needs instead of carrying around a big make up bag.
I’ve been using them mostly for quickly adding a bit of colour to my face in the mornings when working from home. I don’t know about you but I just look so pale in the Winter and so like to have a bit of colour on otherwise I look like a ghost.

They have a fantastic range of shades and colours and also do a match me service on their website where they’ll recommend the right colours for you. I’m thinking about buying some more colours so I filled out the match me questionnaire this week and they got it pretty right in terms of what colours I normally go for/I think suit me.

I start off with using the BFF Cream which is a skin perfector as they call it with SPF 30. I apply it after my moisturiser and it just gives me a bit of a glow and protects my skin obviously. I use it instead of wearing foundation every day at home because let’s face it who can be bothered to put a full face of make up on every day for sitting on the sofa. But it can be used over or under foundation for a bit of added luminosity. It really does wake up my tired skin in the morning and evens out my skin tone with any red marks, old spot scars etc.

Then onto the first pot of joy, the miracle blur. Basically it says what it does on the tin (or pot). I use it for blurring out any red marks, fine lines (I don’t have too many yet) and old scars.

Next, eyeshadow and I have been using the eyeshadow duo pots with colours Mystery and Magician. Mystery (I just love the names 😂) is a fab kind of warm latte colour which really works with my blue eyes and pale complexion – again I need warm tones to bring colour to my face. I then layer on Magician which is a darker cooler brown shade to the outside corners and top of my eyelids to give a bit of depth. I just use my finger to dab a bit on, you don’t need much, like I said it’s so quick and easy. I do like to put a bit of mascara on as well, I’ve been using Urban Decay recently and it’s such a great mascara.

Then onto cheeks, I think this is my favourite pot of joy, the cheek colour is just amazing on my skin tone and it brings my face to life. I use colour Veebee (I’d love to ask Trinny where these names come from) and it’s a warm coral tone. It’s a cream so I just dab a little bit on my cheeks and blend in, again don’t need much. There’s also a lip gloss in the same pot duo which is quite clear, I’m not usually a fan of lip gloss but this one isn’t sticky like most. It’s a nice subtle colour for the days when lipstick just feels too much (did I really just say that?). I’ve used it in my video to just add a bit of over gloss to my lip colour.

I also have a brighter lip pot (you KNOW how much I love a bright lipstick) and this colour Pookie I’ve been using does not disappoint. It’s a bright fuchsia pink which I just love. They call it a lip luxe and it definitely lives up to the name, it lasts for ages, isn’t matte so doesn’t dry and flake (the WORST when it comes to lipstick) and the colour is just so pigmented and vibrant. I definitely want to get some more lip luxe pots.

Who’s ready to stack?
Also comes with a handy little mirror to add to the top of your stack.
From left: Mystery and Magician eyeshadow, Pookie Lip Luxe, Veebee/Honor Lip & Cheek Duo

I’ve linked all the products I’ve used below, pots are around £22 each and with the Match2Me service it could be a great present for someone?

BFF Cream Skin Perfector with SPF30 –

Miracle Blur –

Eyeshadow –

Cheeks –

Pookie Lip Luxe –

Lots of love girls and stay safe xxx

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