What’s Been Getting Me Through Winter Lockdown

Hi girls,
Happy weekend 🙂

So I thought I’d write about a few things that have been getting me through Winter lockdown this week.

I had a Zoom call on Thursday, organised through my work, all about mental health and staying positive and motivated throughout lockdown. One of the main points I took away from that meeting was all about productivity.
In the first lockdown I struggled so much with making sure I’m being productive. I’m terrible for it in normal circumstances; unable to do nothing at the weekends – have to have had a ‘productive weekend’ like a wardrobe clear out, big clean etc. Everyone was talking about how they’ve made banana bread, written a book, learnt a new language etc, that I was feeling guilty and anxious if I was NOT doing those things.
But productivity is different to every individual, productivity can be whatever we want it to be. Watching Netflix and taking that time out to literally chill on the sofa is being productive if that is what is needed for you to stay healthy and stay sane throughout this lockdown.

So what have I been reading lately…
I spoke about it a couple of months back with a crime series I’ve recently discovered by author Jane Casey. Unfortunately I discovered it by reading the LATEST book in the series (book #11) called The Cutting Place so I’m now going back through and reading them in order. I keep expecting to get bored of the same characters but there’s something about the way Casey writes that just has me completely hooked with each storyline, each crime, each time.
2020 has been the year I re-fell in love with my Kindle. I got one in 2012 but stopped using it for a while as I just love a real paperback (is just me or do books just smell amazing?). But obviously in lockdown no.1 all the bookshops were closed so my Kindle became a complete life saver.

What I’ve been watching…
I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’d be coping with lockdown half as well without Ru Paul’s Drag Race. This time around we’ve got the US and the UK version out at the same time. It’s the ultimate mood booster, whenever I put it on I just feel a little lighter and any worries just melt away for an hour.
As with everyone else in the country I’ve watched Bridgeton, I finished it this week and although I wasn’t a fan at first I was told to stick with it and by the end I was begging for more. If you haven’t watched it yet then I highly recommend.
I also watched Tiny Pretty Things last month which is like a Ballet version of Pretty Little Liars.
I’m not the kind of person to binge watch, like I said I get anxious if I’m not productive and get ants in my pants if I sit down for too long. So I like to focus on one series and watch one episode a day usually.

What I’ve been wearing…
Getting dressed gives me so much joy. Most mornings I do make the effort to get what I call ‘dressed dressed’. It gives me a sense of routine in this crazy world we live in and keeps me a little sane. By the time I get to Thursday though I usually give up on the dressed front and throw on a sweatshirt and joggers.

Making an effort start of the working week with sequins, collars and leopard print.
By the time Thursday comes around I’m back to sweats.

What I’ve been doing…
I’ve been really focusing on my running this lockdown. I completed Couchto5k in the first lockdown and I feel I turned a corner last year in terms of my love and dedication for running. This week I’ve not been out just because of the snow (I don’t fancy running on the ice and snow to be honest) so I’ve turned to swimming and dog walks instead. But as soon as the snow melts next week I’ll be back out there again listening to my favourite podcast. Always recommend listening to a podcast rather than music when running, it takes my mind off the fact my feet are repeatedly smacking the pavement. Now that I’m running further than ever I’ve bought a couple of running water bottles that are really lightweight to bring with me on long runs.
I highly recommend doing Couchto5k if you’re thinking of giving it a go, now is honestly the time to start.

Hope you’re doing okay girls and staying sane in this very cold lockdown.

Lots of love and stay safe out there xxx

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