Exercise in Lockdown

Okay, let’s get real for a second, finding motivation to exercise in this Winter lockdown is difficult right! It was easier in the Summer. We all had amazing beautiful sunny weather to get us feeling motivated to a) go for a run, cycle or workout outside and b) wear a bikini or some form of skimpy clothing to get a tan/cope with the heat. But this Winter lockdown, Summer is ages away and we feel we can just hide our bodies (we’re pretty much hiding anyway) and hide the fact we’ve gained weight.

That’s definitely how I felt at the start of this lockdown. After a heavy enjoyable Christmas of eating what I want, without realising, I entered lockdown with means to just carry on. There’s got to be something to give us joy in these times right! But over a month later I’m freaking out that I’m going to come out of this lockdown, re-emerge like an animal in hibernation, like a big ol’ balloon.

I have continued to run 2/3 times a week throughout this lockdown which is good. But I’ve also been mindlessly eating (and enjoying doing so). I weighed myself the other day and I have put on about 5 Ibs if not a bit more which I know is going to get me down the next time I stand in front of a mirror. That’s only because I feel happier with my body when it’s at it’s best. I don’t want to start weight shaming people into thinking they’ve got to feel guilty if they know they have put on some pounds. You do you, if it doesn’t bother you then that’s fine!

Doesn’t mean to say I find it easy to get out of bed each time.
I did get my bum out of bed and on a run.

I adore food, it was and still is a big part of my family (we’ve got a few chefs) and food makes me happy. So my mentality in this has been the kind of ‘we only live once’ and ‘I’ve got to find something out of this lockdown to give me joy’. But the problem with that is that I fall into a mindless eating trap of not really acknowledging what I am putting into my body. I make it sound like I eat rubbish all the time, I don’t actually like fast food, but I love a bit of chocolate, a cake, alcohol, pasta, meat (veg as well), bread – basically love ALL carbs. Eating without acknowledging means I’m expanding my stomach of what it thinks it will consume each day. Resulting in me being hungry all the time, especially if I try to be good for 1 day, it would just be impossible. So I’ve got to go all in on mindfulness eating.

Mindfulness eating for me is my equivalent to a diet. I don’t believe in diets, never have never will. I don’t like the thought of restricting my body constantly from one type of food group like a no carbs diet etc. Our bodies need everything but in moderation. I am no expert on this so any experts please feel free to correct me but that is what I have always thought.

For me to mindfulness eat, especially at the start from eating mindlessly, I log my food every day using my Fitbit app (this is not an ad from Fitbit). I don’t always do it (life really is too short for CONSTANT food logging) but when I am focusing on losing weight or definitely trying not to GAIN weight then it’s really useful to me. I logged on my Fitbit my weight at the start and what my goal weight is. Then I have the options of easy, medium or hard calorie deficit and the date to achieve my goal. By wearing my Fitbit (I’ll get onto my new bestie in a mo) it then calculates how many calories I’ve burned throughout the day vs what I’ve eaten to let me know how many I have left.
I will still eat what I want or thereabouts, I don’t restrict myself from delicious jam tarts from the local bakery for example (again life is too short). But I will log it to acknowledge that I have eaten it.

Blue means I’ve eaten less that my total calories for the day.
Pink means I’ve gone over; I had Fish & Chips for tea.
My breakfast logged this morning.

Okay so finally onto my new best friend, my Fitbit Versa 2!
I’ve been part of the Fitbit community as they say for a while now, I received for my birthday back in 2016 a Fitbit Alta (the skinny one). I’ve basically worn it every day since, it logs my steps and my calories burned. But I fancied treating myself to a smart watch version that does heart rate, can swim with it, has Alexa and can bring messages up on my phone. So I treated myself to the Fitbit Versa 2.
It’s a bit cheaper now because the Versa 3 just came out. Why didn’t I get the new one? Well the only difference is that the Versa 3 has GPS so when I’m on a run I don’t need to take my phone with me. But Fitbit haven’t quite managed to get Apple Music compatible yet so I’d need to take my phone with me anyway to listen to music while running. So I might as well save a bit of cash and go for the cheaper version which has everything except GPS.
Anyway I absolutely love it. It’s so good for running as I can set a timer or have a look at how far I’ve ran so far without having to stop and get my phone out. I find it so fascinating learning about how I sleep (I’m actually quite a light sleeper but had no idea) and learning about my heart rate.

It has definitely spurred me on to continue exercising throughout this lockdown and continue food logging for now to maintain or lose a bit of weight.

At some point life will return to normal and we’ll be walking around, commuting, going to the gym and getting those steps in. For now we can only do the best we can and accept that some days we’ll feel rubbish. We’ll then need to just lie on the sofa not moving and eat a box of chocolates which is fine, it’s when that becomes every day that’s a problem.

If you need to get up and get motivated girls, then put on your favourite music and dance around your living room first. It will get your blood pumping and it might make it easier to even think about going outside for a run. Or maybe start off with a walk. Put your favourite podcast on. I cannot recommend Shagged Married Annoyed enough to run/walk with, I am regularly laughing out loud while pounding the pavement.

Lots of love girls and stay safe out there xxxxx

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