Take Me To The 70s!

Hi gals,
happy weekend! Hope you’re all doing okay, hanging on in there in lockdown 😘

So I’ve become a bit obsessed with waistcoats recently. Having viewed a lot of AW21 branded collections this past month, especially Scandinavian brands, the waistcoat is everywhere and is set to become a big trend this year. We’re not completely over the sweater vest yet (still wear mine most days in lockdown layered over joggers) but the waistcoat has come out of it’s hiding place in the 70s for a 2021 play as well.

I don’t love all trends that come about but the waistcoat is one I am definitely on board with and keeping thinking about – having always been into the 70s in general (Disco music on the regular 🕺). I’ve been falling asleep dreaming of fabulous waistcoat outfits, putting them together in my head. Then one day I just happened to stumble upon (I was searching basically daily) the most AMAZING second hand waistcoat up for auction on Ebay. I just couldn’t resist. It is made up of 70s Liberty fabrics and hand sewn by a seamstress in the 70s – isn’t that just so cool. The description said it had never been worn either and it looks brand new in real life!

So I’m diving deep into the 70s with these waistcoat outfits that I’ll be wearing this Spring/Summer…

Another 70s vibe I’ve been thinking about for the past year is the headscarf. Seen on Instagram with the likes of Just A Uniform who shares a lot of my sense of style – a beret, bucket hat, headband, quite vintage looking , if you don’t follow Siobhan go and do so now (well after you finish reading this of course 😉)

The waistcoat was typically worn with jeans in the 70s, pairing it with a dress will be the modern 2021 twist on it this year.

Some true 70s outfit inspiration pulled from Pinterest, aren’t these just so great? The colour, the prints, the boldness of it 😍

Next up on the 70s throwback trend trip… THE PONCHO, Ugly Betty style! I’m joking but seriously watch out for the poncho making a comeback.
Talking of Ugly Betty, I’ve been rewatching the TV series this week and I seriously relate to Betty’s style 😂 – sweater vests, lots of print and pattern, bows, headbands, blouses, puff sleeves, oversized dungarees….I AM BETTY! 😱 But I love it ❤️ no shame.

Lots of love and stay safe out there from your Ugly Betty xxx

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