Let’s Go Green!

Hey girls,
I’m back!

I’ve had a couple of weeks off writing for a number of reasons but mainly because I was in a lot of back pain and I’ve come back to London as lockdown restrictions start to ease. I’ve also not felt the most motivated if I’m honest as lockdown draaaaags on. But this week has felt more positive as I’ve finally seen some friends outside for walk (a very cold walk) and I’m looking forward to 12th April as we all are!

So I’ve been wearing a lot of green outfits recently and I’m totally feeling green for Spring, it’s such a calming and positive colour 💚 and exactly what we need right now.
Green is so easy to wear and can be paired with other bright colours like pink and orange (two of my favourites) and I also love it with a splash of lilac.

So if you’re wanting to mix it up in your wardrobe this Spring, maybe your wardrobe is in need of a bit of positivity, then here’s some green loving outfits to maybe inspire you…

My outfit yesterday for a morning walk with my friend (never one to dress casually 😂). I love my green House of Sunny cardigan and have worn it so much over the past year. Paired here with what I call my ‘Tinkerbell skirt’ with gold glitter on it from Anthropologie and my favourite New Balance trainers in lilac and orange. It’s all about the little details with this outfit like the green strap of my bag and my colour coordinated sporty socks that brings the whole tonal look together.

Then make up wise (you know I always go for a bold lip) I’ve been playing around with gold glitter in the inner corners of my eyes which gives my eyes more definition. This glitter is Glossier’s Gelee pots which unfortunately they don’t do anymore! it’s got a hint of green in it so goes perfectly with this outfit. Lipstick used here is Nars velvet matte lip pencil in colour Red Square.

I’ve also worn this skirt with a lilac sweatshirt and the same trainers.

Same goes for the House of Sunny cardigan, I’ve worn it with this long skirt with pink hiking boots to toughen the look up and this handbag which then pulls the pink and orange accessories together.
I also love it with chocolate brown in the picture below from this Spring.

Another outfit I am loving and looking forward to wearing when it’s a bit warmer is this explorer style green jumpsuit with a pretty floral collared blouse layered underneath. Add a gorgeous bright green beret which matches one of the green tones in the blouse and I’ve got a winning outfit for more walks with friends 💚

I have also loved wearing this green dress over the past year from Topshop. For Autumn I layered it over a green floral long sleeve top and orange accessories. To make this look not look too busy I made sure I wasn’t layering on too many different orange tones, the handbag, trainers and bucket hat all have the same colour orange.

A year on (from putting this outfit together in a Topshop fitting room) and I still rate this look of different green tones. The apple green sweatshirt and the Kelly green skirt just work wonders together.

Another year old fitting room snap with this all over green look, this was in Arket.

I will forever adore this khaki green boilersuit from designer Rita Row, it’s just so comfy and effortless in style. It works so well with this bright blue in the collar and bag. You can’t see from this picture but my white trainers have a multi coloured stripe along the side in the same tone of blue, it’s all about the detail for me!

Then finally, I couldn’t not mention one of my favourite green faux fur coats! I’ve had this for years now and love wearing it every Winter. This past season I’ve worn it with a lot of pink and even a lime green/khaki beanie.

I’ll leave you with some green Spring street style outfits from Pinterest for further inspiration…

Have a fab Easter Sunday gals! Xxx

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