Bright Colour Blocking Purple & Pink

Hi girls,

Happy weekend! I don’t know about you but I am exhausted this week. First week of being able to go to a restaurant/pub outside. I’ve seen friends for a well overdue catch up every night this week so far which has been absolutely amazing. But my body can’t handle it haha.

So I love to play around with colours in my wardrobe and push the boundaries as to mixing print and colours together. It’s a real creative outlet for me. Recently I’ve been enjoying purple & pink as a combination. I have a lot of both colours in my wardrobe so it’s been fun this week putting together different outfits each day. It also makes me re-fall in love with some of my clothes that I’ve perhaps not worn in a while as I’m finding new ways to wear them.

An unusual colour combo like purple & pink can easily look too sickly and cause headaches. But if you stick to one tone of each colour and try to balance out the colours on the outfit then it can work.

Outfit 1
I hadn’t worn this fuchsia pink shirt in a while so I was playing around with different outfits last weekend. I love it paired with this purple sweater vest that I just wear all the time, it’s one of those things that just goes with EVERYTHING. Then kept it simple on the bottom with a pair of denim jeans and my cosy slippers for a weekend at home.

Outfit 2
Really enjoying this combo as well, a bright purple jumper with a light pink metallic skirt. Keeping the pink tone the same with my converses. I’m pushing it with the beret that doesn’t quite match the jumper but it’s a very similar bright tone so just about works and I love it.

Outfit 3
Aww I really enjoyed wearing this look this week for dinner with friends. Wearing my H&M pink cotton puff sleeve dress from last Summer and layering it (with about a thousand layers because it’s FREEZING outside). I started off with a lilac polo neck underneath and played around with a same lilac jumper worn over my shoulders.
I ended up going for the purple sweater vest (AGAIN haha) and adding a purple fluffy scarf in the same tone and a lilac beret in the same tone as the polo neck. This look is NUTS but I am here for it.

Outfit 4
Another Summer dress that I’ve layered up for now. Again, same lilac polo neck underneath but instead of a pale pink I was using bright fuchsia. Earrings that bring the lilac to life and my New Balance trainers that also have lilac in them. It’s all about the details with this outfit, down to my fuchsia pink socks.

Outfit 5
Pair of lilac trousers this time with a bright pink corduroy shirt. Wearing my gold metallic cowboy boots for the first time as well. It really grounds this outfit by adding a semi neutral in.

Outfit 6
Yesterday’s look which was a new one for me, I will definitely be wearing this outfit again. Still feeling the sweatshirt and tulle skirt look. So lilac and a kind of dusky rose pink (grown up pink) with my hiking boots and a Rosie Sugden cashmere turban (it’s new and I can’t get enough!). My quilted jacket has the same tones of lilac, burgundy and dusky rose in the print which is perfect. I even went for a more brown coloured lipstick as a bright colour wouldn’t work here.

How many times can I say ‘tone’ in one post do you reckon? 😉

It’s been really fun putting together new and different outfits this week so I’m going to start a series of colour blocking outfits using 2 bright colours over the next few weeks. I invite you also to play around in your wardrobe next time you’re going out and have a go at putting together some bright colour blocking outfits and unusual colour combos. Maybe you’ll re-discover something in your wardrobe too?

Have fun gals xxxx

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