Cycling For the Soul

Hey gals,
Hope you’re all good and enjoying the sunshine this week.

I’ve had a pretty consuming week at work, feeling a little frustrated so I’ve been bogged down with that all week really. We’re also in the early stages of buying our first home (more on that another day!) Which is a very slow, expensive and daunting process so I’ve been feeling stressed this week about that too. But it is incredibly exciting at the end of the day and I have to remind myself of that.

On top of that, I’ve been giving myself a hard time for not having a proper exercise routine in place and worrying about gaining weight. I’ve mentioned it before but I’ve had to stop running for a while as I really hurt my back about a month ago and feet pounding the pavement just isn’t good for me right now. But running was my joy when it came to exercising, it didn’t feel like a chore (which cardio in the gym does) so I’ve been struggling to find my alternative to that and get back into an exercise rhythm.

I feel like I’ve gone through a whirlwind of different exercise routines/ideas over the past 8 months. That is inevitable I think with the stop start of all our lives – gyms open, gyms close, gyms open, gyms close blah blah blah.
I joined Shreddy end of last year which was good, it was helping me try to exercise at home. I even bought weights and resistance bands. But I cancelled it a month or two ago as I just wasn’t using it anymore and I was struggling to do some of the exercises in my small apartment. I would recommend Shreddy but I would also say that if you want to commit to it you need to purchase the Shreddy equipment (or cheaper alternatives) too.
I had kept up the running which was always my go to.
Then I have just now joined Fitbit Premium again (I used to be a member about 5 years ago), in hoping it’ll spur me on with my smart watch to do more exercise and use the exercise videos to guide me through.
I have also really been getting into my cycling recently as well. I bought a bike a month or two ago and with the weather being so nice recently (not warm but definitely sunny) it’s been so lovely to get out there and go on adventures as well as exercising. That’s what running always was for me – being outside, appreciating the surroundings or the view, going on adventures and finding new places.

With that being said, yesterday evening I shut down that laptop for the weekend and went on a bike ride to enjoy the last part of the sunshine. It was amazing and so good for the mind as well as the body. I cycled along the Thames all the way to Greenwich from my house.

Canary Wharf in my sights
Stopped on the way to take a picture of this beautiful blossom tree.
Getting closer
Cycling past the O2
Sunset going over Canary Wharf
My destination: Greenwich

That last picture overlooking the Thames and Greenwich just looks so peaceful. I don’t feel like I’m in London, I feel like I’m in the countryside. I stopped for 5 before turning back and just took in the view and the sunshine. It really hit home that no matter what is going wrong, worrying me or stressing me out in my own world, there’s a whole bigger world out there outside of my bubble that is still going on and it suddenly makes all those worries in my own world feel 10 times smaller.

It got a bit philosophical towards the end there but it’s true and it’s the note I’ll leave you on – if you’re feeling stressed out, struggling to find your routine in exercise, giving yourself a hard time about anything. Just stop for 5, take a breather and look around you ❤️

Lots of love xxxx

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