Bright Colour Blocking – Yellow & Blue

Happy 1st of May and happy Saturday, I can’t believe we’re in May and the weather still hasn’t warmed up yet. It’s been pretty rainy this week and I’m desperate for the warmer weather, the sunshine and the feeling of Summer (getting so bored of my jumpers, coats and AW wardrobe).
So this week I’ve been bringing the sunshine back to me with some yellow mixed with blue bright colour clashing outfits…

It’s such a great positive colour combination and works surprisingly well. I’m not talking about navy but real proper blue; cerulean blue, sky blue, denim blue etc. Yellow isn’t a regular go to colour for me, I think it works best when you’ve got a tan (which I never do) and can wash me out but pairing it with a darker tone and using bright colours in my make up can bring it (and me) to life.

So let’s talk outfits, I was really enjoying this very 90s look this week with oversized vintage dungarees, yellow sweatshirt and floral bucket hat (with the same yellow on the petals). Then with chunky trainers in pale blue that matches back to the bucket hat, so comfy for working from home and post office runs which is what I was doing here.

Next up, another dungarees outfit but with a cotton knitted jumper and a big detachable collar over the top from small business Olivia Annabelle Apparel. This very pale lemon yellow colour could wash me out but with a bright collar over the top it works.

I’m loving this yellow western shirt with embellished front. Tucked into loose boyfriend jeans and my vintage 70s waistcoat, all it needs now is a pair of cowboy boots!

Then the final ultimate look is this Summer organza silk dress in a beautiful yellow and blue print. With a yellow cardigan over the top, a cerulean blue cross body and a pale blue beret. All the colours go back into the floral print of the dress to keep it all together. Shoes wise, I went for my multi coloured Teva sandals and socks in the same yellow colour as it’s not quite warm enough for toes out yet. My sister thinks I’m mental to wear socks and sandals but I promise you it’s a look! 😂
This look gave me so much joy on Wednesday for going into the office even if it did rain in the evening and I had to swap shoes LOL.

Make up wise, I’m still playing around with glitter eyes. I put Glossier Gelee glitter in the chartreuse yellow colour (again matches the cardigan!) on my eyelids and then a bright orange lip (I always use Nars Matt lip pencil), again needing to bring colour to my face to not wash me out with the amount of yellow worn.

Here’s some more yellow and blue outfit inspiration, I love all these looks…

So if you’re needing some sunshine next time it’s miserable out there or to keep you going until Summer rears it’s head then maybe try a yellow outfit. It doesn’t have to be as BONKERS as me, maybe start with just a headband or bag or even a pair of socks 💛.

Lots of love girls 🐠🌼☀️🍋 xxxx

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