Initial House Ideas

Hey gals,
happy Saturday!

So I’ve mentioned this a little bit but haven’t really talked about it properly but… WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE! EEEK!
I’ve been reluctant to shout about it so far as it’s such a slow process and almost doesn’t feel real while we wait for the solicitors to do their thing. But this week was the first week that I felt it was coming together and I am just so made up and giddy.

I’m so excited to finally be buying a home, something we can call our own and do what we like with it you know? It always felt so out of reach and I honestly didn’t think I’d be buying a place for about 10 years. It’s scary and overwhelming, I’m an ACTUAL grown up now I think, in terms of the money and just all this information that I have no clue about. But once we’re in it will be so amazing.

It’s a 2 bedroom maisonette with a garden in South East London and I’m just so ecstatic to have more space. I’ve loved our little 1 bed flat that we moved into last Summer out of living in a flat share, it’s cute and cosy and definitely served it’s purpose while in lockdown. But it’s not big enough really, we can’t have a lot of friends over and can’t have people stay. So I’m really looking forward to being able to do that in the new place.

You know when you’re young and you go shopping with your Mum & Granny to say John Lewis for example. They’re shopping in the home department and you’re just following them around (I was always hoping Mum would stop by the womenswear floor). I remember thinking I can’t wait to be a grown up in the future and can go shopping for MY house. Mum & Granny love a good antique hunt (back in the day I would be DRAGGED to another SMELLY and dusty antique shop and hated it) but now I cannot wait to do that with them and find some real special pieces for the house.

We’re on a strict no buying anything before we move in policy because we need every penny for the house in the lead up to it. But also I want to get everything in before figuring out the space, the layout and what I still need.
That being said, it doesn’t stop me from looking around, saving items and planning the colour schemes. If I wasn’t in fashion, I probably would have ended up in interior design. Like I said, I can’t wait to be able to do what we want to the house (I’m calling it a house not a maisonette; it sounds better 😉), like let’s paint the walls pink!
So I’ve been looking on Etsy saving some home bits that I really love, I’d like to buy as much from unique small business as I can. Here’s what I saved so far and my ideas for each room.

The Lounge
So we have a midnight blue velvet sofa in our flat which will definitely be moving with us. Then I’d like to introduce a green (not dark green) and a kind of ‘grown up’ pink as I call it or a dusky rose to the room as well. Kind of like this little concept area that I saw in John Lewis a few weeks back.

I love the idea of building out walls of prints with a mixture of modern and antique. This would look fab in the lounge but I also really love the idea of having them all together on the wall going up the stairs.

I’ve been saving a lot of cushions recently as they really bring the room together in a lounge. I just adore these ones I found on Etsy…
(Click on the picture to go through to the website)

Then some prints I’ve been saving…

I really want to get some more vases as well, I don’t really have any here (plus also don’t have anywhere to put any 😂) and I think they can look fab in bright colours.

The Kitchen
So the kitchen is quite big for the house which is amazing (we both love to cook so very much looking forward to that) but it’s also very plain white and grey everything. It was redone last year so we don’t necessarily need to change anything straight away (also don’t have the money to) so I’m thinking of adding in some bright prints to bring a bit of colour to the space for now and then in the future we can think about painting the walls, cupboards or something.

The Garden
I just can’t believe we’re going to have a garden. It leads out from the lounge and is just straight and long with a little shed at the end, sort of like the below pulled from Pinterest but smaller.
I just want a really nice outdoor seating area, like a full on sofa, to chill on in the Summer and for guests to relax on too. Everything else I’m quite easy on, we’ve got fake grass which makes it really easy and then flower beds down each side against the wall/fence. The owners before really looked after the garden and it’s got rose bushes all along each side which is lovely.

The only thing I would love to get at some point (not a priority) is maybe a hammock 😂, there’s some really fab ones on Etsy like the below.

So that’s about where I’ve got to on the house planning, just need to get in there really (fingers crossed for end of June completion date!). I’ll keep sharing with you my ideas, anything I buy and of course once we’re in expect lots of stories and posts haha.

Have a good Saturday gals xxx

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