The Start of Summer

Hey gang!
Happy sunny Saturday ☀️ so happy the good weather has returned after the MISERABLE day yesterday.

So I think we can officially say it’s the start of the Summer, get out that Summer wardrobe and put those heavy knitted jumpers in hibernation! I’ve been absolutely loving wearing my Summer clothes this week especially my dresses, some are new that haven’t had a chance yet and some are returning gemstones, so here’s what I’ve been wearing over the past week or so…

I’m like a walking Fruit Pastel lolly and I love it 🤣

Obsessed with yellow/chartreuse at the moment.
This jersey puff sleeve tiered dress is just so comfy and love this colour paired with lilac.

Finally getting to wear this amazing Damson Madder t-shirt dress properly (without joggers).

Love this bright floral print

Also just to shout out these shoes worn a lot this week. I got these last year but I’m struggling to break them in and THEY HURT MY FEET SO MUCH 😫
They’re genuine leather and therefore so stiff that they are cutting my feet up into little bits, one step at a time.
But they’re so pretty so can we just take a moment to appreciate.

And then finally, the grande finale….
I am so so so so so happy as I’ve wanted one of these for years. It is very see-through so I don’t think I’ll be wearing her out to the supermarket but for on holiday and just being at home she’s just beautiful.
Also LOVE her styled with my fur pop Charlotte Simone bag in yellow and pink. I am officially boujee with this nightie (according to my boyfriend).

Fingers crossed the weather stays like it has been for the rest of Summer and that we all have the best Summer of our lives 💖

Lots of love xxx

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