Welcome To Our Lounge!

Hey gang,
So haven’t done a house update post yet as the house has been an utter mess since moving in (how do we accumulate so much crap!) but we’ve got it into a relatively good place now so come on in…

The lounge is our little sanctuary at the moment that we’ve really made our own so far, the bedroom is the next mission once we get the bed – more on that later.
The pride and joy are our two velvet sofas – the midnight blue guy came with us from the old flat but it’s got a new girlfriend now which is the light pink velvet sofa aka an absolute dream 💖
(nothing spilt on it yet 🤞).

Both of which match the other real signature special piece in the room which is the velvet curtains (yes I have a thing for velvet haha). Which we also have matching cushions for. It’s all very ‘matchy matchy’ but mixing and playing around with different colours at the same time – basically like my wardrobe!

Oh and did I mention a matching cockatoo vase? 😂

We’re not sure on the coffee table/TV combo – the chest was the coffee table in the old flat but I don’t want to put it in the middle of the floor here as it’ll take up a lot of space but also it ruins having the pretty pink rug. So at some point we’ll get a thinner TV stand to go in front of that window and another coffee table but it works for now. That’s the thing isn’t it with developing your own home is doing it bit by bit, pay check b y pay check 🙂

Other little corners of the lounge are the bookcase which I’d seen on Pinterest organised in colour order and I must say it’s super effective. We’re going to do the same on the other bookcase as well because as you can see we’re running out of space 😂 Couple of book nerds that we are! It really brings out all the colours of the room though and is super eye catching. Somehow it makes me appreciate and acknowledge my book collection more than I did in previous places we lived.

I got this antique table for my birthday from my family and I’ve been playing around with displays of vases and candles. I also got these adorable pom pom decorations this week in green, pink and grey which just perfectly match the colours in the room, super happy with those.

Also newly obsessed with colourful pampas, these are from H&M Home and the colour is just amazing. I got this turquoise vase from TK Maxx as well last month – both places great for finding colourful things and at a good price as well!

Then lastly the other favourite corner of the room is the drinks trolley. At some point we’ll move this as we want to get a small circular dining table in here but for now it looks cute in the corner full of gorgeous little things.
The leopard lamp I am in LOVE with, I got that from InSpitalfields which is a little independent homeware boutique on the corner of Spitalfields Market in East London (near Liverpool St). I highly recommend a visit.
Also how awesome is the rainbow heart candle that my good friend Issy got me for my birthday 🌈 It’s so beautiful I don’t want to light it! It’s from The Recycled Candle Company…

We’ve currently got all our prints leaning against the wall ready to go up (just struggling to find the time to do it to be honest). The aim is to slowly build up a print wall going all the way up the stairs which I’ve been going on about for ages. We also need to put something behind the pink sofa (maybe the old map of London?) as that wall is a little naked right now. All in good time though! I’m on the look out for some antique paintings to mix in with the modern prints.

Then the bedroom is the next big thing to do, we’ve ordered our bed which is very exciting, from Feather & Black, due to be delivered end of September.
We were going back and forth for ages on the type of bed to get. We thought about a divan bed with the storage underneath but our bedroom, although a decent size, is not huge and I don’t want a big heavy thing taking up the majority of the space and the light. Speaking of light there’s a long rectangular window that looks out onto the garden which is the only window so I wanted to make sure we kept the light running through the room. So an open style bed, they call it a dormitory bed, will keep the light and make the room feel more spacious. We also have storage boxes to put under the bed if we need.
I am obsessed with the bright green colour though, I think it’s going to look fab in the room and as displayed in their image online it goes great with grey colouring which is what our walls are for now (we might paint them at some point).

So been gathering some green things already in preparation for the bed. We’re going to keep the bedding quite neutral and then we’re getting blinds made in a pattern that match the same green of the bed to bring it all together.

From doing my research (and listening to my Mum who likes to think of herself as an interior designer 😉) it’s good to stick to a colour scheme running through the whole house mostly, as you can tell ours is green 💚 It’s just one of those perfect interior colours – blue can be a bit cold and a pink can be a bit sickly if it’s everywhere. Whereas green is so calming, peaceful and in my opinion never goes out of style, it’s a classic.

These arrived in the post as well today from Swan Retro which I am excited about (who knew I’d get excited about pots and pans!). They come in all sorts of colours, I’ve linked the picture to their website.

There’s also a matching microwave that I am eyeing up as we currently don’t have one.

So that’s the lounge tour done!
Below are some recent items saved to my home wish list…

Loved this painting in Spitalfields Market on Thursday
Thought these plant pots were awesome in InSpitalfields Boutique
Obsessed with this door mat
More pampas to add to the collection 😍
Pineapple ice bucket!
Cute little napkins when entertaining friends this Summer

Lots of love xxx

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