Hello Boho

Hey gang,
hope you’re alright!

So I recently purchased a pair of Birkenstocks in the Boston shape with the shearling inside. I have wanted a pair for years, having seen them on people and just always thought they looked super cool (& major comfort levels!). I just stumbled upon them when browsing online and they were heavily discounted.
Just look how pretty they are…

But I wasn’t sure if they were my kind of style, it’s very literal boho whereas the way I dress isn’t really. I tried to imagine what I’d wear them with and did a little search on Instagram and Pinterest but it was all very preppy with jeans and t-shirt kind of vibes which isn’t very me.

So I went for it with the checkout button and had a little trying on session at home to see whether I’d wear them. Or if they’ll just sit in the back of my wardrobe for years (I take these kinds of purchase decisions very seriously 😂). Here’s what I came up with outfit wise…

Look 1
Love this dress from Anthropologie that I got last year but I haven’t really worn it yet, I guess I didn’t have the right shoes until now!
I’ve just added a leopard print collar – from small business Mouldy Spud on Etsy – that goes with the colour of the Birkenstocks.

Look 2
Obsessed with this Damson Madder set. Picking out the pink in the print to pair with the hat and bag. The trousers are a little too long for me so my handy boyfriend is going to get them taken up for me. I’ll also then wear this outfit in Winter with a jumper & a coat.

Look 3
Another outfit I’ve been wearing lots is my linen Sleeper dress and 70s waistcoat, another potential for the Birkenstocks.

Look 4
Not sure why I’ve not worn this Rita Row boilersuit this year as I still really enjoy it. I guess I tend to go for brighter things but it is nice to have a more paired down outfit hue 😂 It’s so comfy as well, this would be a good travelling outfit with the Birkenstocks.

Look 5
A bit more beach boho vibes – I think this would have to be my favourite look. Just need a gorgeous beach setting in which to wear it!

Look 6
I also got a new shirt from Golden Greed (link to their Etsy shop below) which I am totally loving with my Levis corduroy dungarees. Another good outfit with the Birkenstocks I’m thinking.

Safe to say the Bostons are staying after coming up with these outfits to wear with 💖

Question is, have I inspired you to go and get some of these uber comfortable beauties too? 😂

Lots of love xxxx

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