New & Top Up Beauty Buys

Hey gang,

Done a beauty shop this week with some top ups of my ultimate faves and thought I’d share some new products I’m enjoying at the moment also. Starting from left to right in the picture below.

Isle of Paradise Dark Glow Clear Self Tanning Mousse
I’m not a big fake tan kinda gal as it’s just too much hassle for me and I hate that it gets everywhere. But someone recommended this product from Isle of Paradise to me and I must admit I am very impressed. It is clear so as not a fake tan expert I was slightly worried about where I was putting it but I went for it and it turned out absolutely fine using a mitt. It doesn’t have an orange tint to it, smells amazing which is rare and gradually gets darker and fades again so you’re not left with stupid streaks.

Reusable Make Up Pads From Maga
My boyfriend got me these as part of a beauty set for my birthday from small business Maga that make everything in London.
I’ve been using these reusable makeup pads for a couple of months now and they’re great. So much better for the environment also! They come in a pack of four so can easily pop them in the wash to keep reusing.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide
I have just stocked up on these two. I was having problems with my skin last Summer with spots around my chin – mainly hormonal causes. Someone recommended these two products to me and honestly I have never looked back. My skin has been SO much better since then. This past week I did have a chin flare up but I am also on my period so there is a level of expectation there (don’t you just hate periods ugh).
If you suffer from oily skin like me and prone to breakouts around the chin area I can’t recommend these enough. The hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin (which oily skin does need from what I’ve read) and then the niacinamide is mineral blemish formula that helps fight bacteria and blemishes.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Suncream 50+
Another product I have been loving for over a year now and keep reordering is this sun cream. I must admit I used to be terrible with sun cream when I was in my early 20s and never used to put it on my face in the Summer (on holiday abroad I would but England doesn’t count right? 😂). But I now make sure I always put sun cream on as part of my daily skin care routine and I know that has also helped my chin blemishes over the past year. It was mostly in the Summer I would get flare ups and it’s definitely to do with the sun. My body just can’t cope in the sun – I burn very easily and can get heat stroke. I’m just born to live up in The North Pole.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
Another product I have just ordered more of is this setting spray. I’ve tried the Mac one and the NYX one but this is to me the best one. It just helps keep my make up on and as I have oily skin it also helps keep everything matte and shine free 👌🏼 It’s also VERY useful for bright lipstick vs the mask situation 🙄 Oh and it also smells really nice.

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara
So I’m going to be honest here; I have never understood the hype around Charlotte Tilbury make up (I think Charlotte herself is pretty awesome and I love listening to her on podcasts). But make up wise I just don’t rate it. I got given a set a few years back which had the classic Pillow Talk lipstick, the foundation – all the bits and bobs. But the lipstick was too creamy and didn’t last 5 seconds. The foundation was quite ‘cake-y’. However I needed a new mascara and fancied trying something different so the woman in Space NK recommended this to me. I wanted something that wasn’t too thick but would give me full lashes. I often do my under eye lashes as well so need an applicator that is also delicate enough. All in all I am VERY impressed with this mascara and think it will have to be my staple go to from now on. It doesn’t clog up or stick together (even when you reapply) and lasts a long time. It was only £23 which I think is a good price for that as well.

Beauty Pro Black Peel Charcoal Mask
This has pretty much all gone now and I will definitely be buying some more. Since getting this for Christmas in my stocking (thanks Mum!) I have used this so much as a regular mask. It’s one of the only masks that I can definitely feel afterwards it’s done it’s job. My skin just feels amazing afterwards and I can tell it really has cleaned deep into the pores close up. It’s not painful to peel off at all (and this comes from someone who thought getting their ears pierced was one of the most painful things 😂). This is just a good mask for blemish prone skin and mine can be quite sensitive as well and it’s not irritating the skin either.

NU Thing Shave & Shower Sorbet
This is so random but a couple of months back I was in Superdrug stocking up on bits and bobs and I spotted this bright coloured bottle (like a moth to a flame). The smell, this one is pineapple and coconut, is amazing and it is such a good shower gel when shaving which let’s be honest is a pain in itself. It’s got a gorgeous subtle shimmer and makes shaving so much easier as it doesn’t go all soapy which clogs up the razor. I’ve almost finished this bottle and I’ll be buying some more next time I go past a Superdrug (haven’t seen it in Boots).

Lots of love & have a good weekend! Xxx

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