Loving Our Bodies In All Their Glory

Hey gang,

Some awesome colourful underwear arrived this week that I ordered from John Lewis which are all just so pretty. Now I have to be honest, I NEVER buy myself pretty underwear, ever. Some people love it – I have friends that will spend a lot of money on underwear each year regardless of whether single or taken – but it’s just not something that I get pleasure out of shopping wise.

I guess a part of that is deep down not enjoying my body in underwear. I’ve always been curvy; big boobs, big hips and a ginormous bottom. I used to wish so hard to be tall, skinny and slender and it always felt like everyone else around me was. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I accept my body as it is. But I think there is a big difference between ACCEPTING what it is and LOVING what you’ve got. For the last few months I think in part I’ve been ignoring my body and not really thinking about it. That goes hand in hand with exercising as well. It’s been a busy few months with the house move etc and I just haven’t done any exercise which for the last couple of weeks has started to take it’s toll on me in my head. Side note: I did weigh myself at the weekend and I haven’t actually gained anything but it feels like I have put on 10 stone in my head – ever the dramatic!

Last weekend on Saturday night I was in a real funk at home which ended up with me not being able to sleep for many many hours, feeling upset and almost panicky. It wasn’t like me at all. But I think it hit me that I wasn’t looking after myself the best I could. I didn’t eat much on Saturday; just munching on unhealthy snacks all day. I was also on my last day of my period (which doesn’t help the situation) so felt super bloated, had spots on my chin and just felt rubbish. I’d glance in the mirror over the past couple of weeks as I am getting dressed and just hate how bloated I was and tell myself how fat I was – I mean why are we just so horrible to ourselves?! I would NEVER say that to another person.

So I made a promise to myself that the following morning and for the foreseeable future I will actively try to do better – eat better, prioritise exercising and acknowledge my body and how that makes me feel.
Side note: If you have a Fitbit, I would highly recommend their mindfulness sessions – I put one on in the middle of the night and it helped me calm down and get to sleep eventually.

Aside from eating better this week, going for a run etc, I am taking notice of my body which includes some days wearing lovely underwear that makes me feel good and makes me appreciate my body more. But I will continue to wear the comfiest, biggest and probably ugliest knickers when I am on my period though 😂

So here is me, my body and my new underwear in all it’s glory…

Don’t you just love those colours 😍 I’ve linked to the pictures the underwear I got.

Let me introduce you to my pale skin with many many moles and freckles which I’m learning to love. I don’t really tan much so struggle with what I look like in a bikini and compare myself to so many other people looking super tanned, golden and smashing in their bikinis. But ‘ English rose skin’ as everyone always tells me is beautiful in it’s own way 💚

Underwear linked to this picture

Anyone else hate the little chubby bit at the armpit? But here we are and learning to be proud of that chubby bit 😂

Oh hey fat roll!

I’ve thought about getting this mole removed on my chest but for now it’s there loud, clear and a part of my body to love.

This colourway is sold out now.
Bra linked to this picture

I contemplated whether to use this photo but I feel this is something I need to do…
So here is me and my 3 fat roll besties! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

So whatever ‘size’ you are, whatever body shape you are, whatever skin you have… it’s important we love our bodies and do right by our bodies. We won’t achieve this all the time and everyone has ups and downs but aiming, trying and acknowledging is the best we can do.

Lots of love to you and your bodies from me and mine xxx

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