What I’m Wearing This Autumn

Hey gang,
So I was full on getting into the mood and feeling excited for Autumn last week with the general ‘meh’ weather that we’ve had pretty much all Summer it feels. But then the sun pulled it out of the bag and we’ve had gorgeous warm sunshine for the past few days! I hope you’ve been able to enjoy the sun where ever you are reading this.

But I do love a bit of Autumn whenever it does come around (hopefully not just yet though). It always feels like a fresh new start when a new season comes along. An opportunity to do a re-fresh of your wardrobe among other things. I always go through mine at the start of the new season and ask myself did I wear this last year and will I wear it again or am I over it? If the latter then I’ll send to charity or sell on Vinted.

So here’s what I am excited to wear this Autumn…

First up is polo necks and general layering tops.
Such a key and easy piece for Autumn and works so well with skirts, trousers and layered underneath dresses. Such an easy way to bring your fave Summer dresses and skirts into Autumn.
I recently treated myself to this awesome wave print jersey polo neck from Saturday By Megan Ellaby after following them (obsessed with Megan & Faye’s style) for about a year now.

Next is the sweater vest and I’ll be definitely be bringing out this classic purple fairisle one that I bought second hand last year. I’ve worn this SO many times and just love it. Paired here with my Stine Goya dress that was a new addition this year, I’m looking forward to wearing this outfit this season.

Another way to wear sweater vests is with a classic boilersuit. This vest was hand knitted in Ukraine. The boilersuit is from LF Markey (one of my favourite brands).

I’ll also definitely be wearing my long sleeve blouses and shirts – big collar energy, corduroy, with trousers as well as half tucked into skirts.

As well as cowboy boots and hats for sure! Looking forward to wearing this whole look over the next few months.

Leopard print flares with a collared shirt and my little patchwork 1970s vintage waistcoat.

This beautiful ball gown skirt from Anthropologie has been a favourite to wear in A/W. It’s just so effortless, throw on a shirt, jumper, sweatshirt, polo neck and good to go.

Then I am SUPER excited to wear my collection of berets in all different colours.

So what are you looking forward to wearing this season?

Lots of love xxx

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