Bed of Dreams

Hey gang,
happy Saturday!

So our bed finally came on Monday, 3 months we’ve been waiting for this beautiful green delight. Honestly cannot tell you how good it feels to sleep on an actual bed frame. We bought our Emma mattress when we moved in but the DIFFERENCE between that directly on the floor vs on an actual bed is crazy; so much better!

The bed came from Feather & Black and it’s their king size green Oliver bed. I wanted something that was quite high and light. The bedroom is decent size for our type of property but isn’t massive with one high wide window. So a heavy divan style bed could easily make the room feel smaller and darker.

We both loved the green colour and it keeps the theme of green running throughout the house. We also wanted something that wasn’t your generic renting bed frame. All the beds we’ve slept in in our rented flats over the years have been so basic and plain (understandably) so the novelty of being able to buy what we wanted I was adamant I wanted something colourful and cool.
Then wanted a warmer tone as the adjacent colour to sit in the bedroom as all the walls are grey for now so had these blinds made up in a deep coral colour with a scallop pattern on them.

Then comes the fun bit of collecting things that have those two colours in them – I am totally turning into my mother 😂
I love this orange and pink vase on the windowsill with green candles and matches to pull the colours together. Little pops of pink and plum to go here and there.
As well as this tiny green antique vase that my mum got me for my birthday which was in the lounge (also heavily green haha) that I’ve moved up here. This is why I think maintaining a colour throughout the house is important because all the things we’ll collect over time will work in every room. Then each time we move house again every beautiful thing we’ve collected will go together time and time again 💚

I realised this week by pure fluke that my Oliver Bonas lamp that I bought last year for our old flat works wonders in here with the coral lamp base. Then pulled together a couple of books again in that coral/orange colour.

Then these absolutely fabulous velvet cushions from Emma Shipley. The jungle theme also running throughout the house – have a look at my previous post about the lounge.

The bedroom is definitely not finished, we want to paint the wall behind the bed at some point (but were too excited to sleep in a bed to do it now 😂). We’re thinking either plum but it might make the room too dark or another lighter shade of green. I think we’ll grow tired of the orange. What do you think?

Then need to buy some bedside tables! As well as put some artwork up but not going to do that until we paint.
I’ve been looking at some bedside tables, here’s a few I love…
(Click on picture to go website)

It might be too wide for the room but I like this idea of rattan and an orange colour.
Also love this idea which will help with the limited space we have.
These are expensive but how beautiful!
Or do we go quite simple with Ikea? I like this slim table in pink or green.
Nice light and airy to not make the room feel claustrophobic.

What is your favourite bedside table option?

Lots of love xxx

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