Hey it’s me; Daphne From Scooby Doo

Hey gang,
happy Saturday!

So I fell in love with a coat last weekend. In fact I actually fell in love with two (although one I argue is a blazer/jacket). Both are purple so I’m starting to think purple is my colour of the season.

This first coat was from a vintage pop up in Selfridges called Cow Vintage. That colour just caught my eye and then I couldn’t resist. It’s suede and in immaculate condition for second hand.

Here’s how I’ve been wearing it so far…

This is my favourite outfit at the moment. I wore it to the cinema last night and these two girls came up to me and said they loved my look and I reminded them of Daphne from Scooby Doo but in a ‘classy’ way😂 I mean at least it wasn’t Velma. Daphne was always my favourite so I’ll take that.

My new style icon 😍

Then with my Stine Goya dress and matching coloured accessories (love the faux fur stole over the top of the coat), I’ll definitely be wearing this outfit repeatedly. Even if this beanie always looks like a condom 😂

Pink and purple is always a winner in my eyes. Sticking to the same shades of pink and purple for a complete tonal outfit.

Bright lemon cardigan tucked into a pink & brown pleated skirt with Dr Martens.

Orange and purple is another colour combo I’m into with this coat.

Oh and then it also works with my flower power boilersuit from Lucy & Yak!

Finding the purple shade in this maxi rainbow skirt as well.

Then finally another of my favourite outfits at the moment, this Resume (Copenhagen brand) knitted sheep vest with a blue gingham skirt.
This was what I was wearing when I then found the other purple coat (it’s a jacket a jacket!!!)…

But like come on, I had to get it on the basis of this look, I’m obsessed!
I found it randomly in one of my favourite vintage stores on Brick Lane in London called Here After. It’s a very dramatic 80s wool blazer with velvet black lapels, shoulder pads and in this fabulous purple/pink/blue check. Cannot wait to style this up more with colour clashes.

So the consensus is that I AM Daphne from Scooby Doo and purple is my favourite colour at the moment and I am totally here for both.

Lots of love xxx

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