The Dressed Down Ball Gown & Oversized Dresses

Hey gang,

I’m absolutely loving the oversized maxi dress at the moment and not just because there’s more room for eating 😉, although that definitely is a plus. Ever since I saw Ganni launch their spaghetti strap square neck ball gown maxi (below). It just screamed new and modern to me and I loved it.

The dramatic oversized and the puff sleeve dress has been a trend for a couple of years now. I remember it first with THAT pink H&M dress that everyone wore in 2020 including me. I love this dress and still wear it on the regular.

Anyway back to the new IT dress – the square neck strap midi or as I like to call it the dressed down ball gown. Sister Jane (another of my favourite brands aside from Ganni) launched this dress in AW21 and again I just loved the dramatic-ness of it. So OTT and yet effortlessly stylish.

I’ve been eyeing it up for months but with trying not to buy many clothes I didn’t add to my basket.
However it then went on sale last month and I stared at it again debating whether to click through. I still held off as it only had 30% off and was still a lot of money for me to spend (I think the dress was around £200 originally). But then, I found my size on Depop, brand new with tags, the other week and made an offer that got accepted for £65!

I needed to pair this dress with a bit of colour as it’s quite unusually neutral for me. So I’ve popped on a pink t-shirt underneath (shout out to Uniqlo for the best cotton tees) and matching pink chunky Ganni style boots. Oh and a fur bag in pink and yellow to top it off of course!
I can’t wait to wear this outfit when it gets a bit warmer.

Looping back round to the oversized and the pinafore, here’s some more dresses outfits I’m wearing at the moment…

This was my first branch out into the square neck strap midi with this denim dropped hem dress from Whistles as part of their AW21 collection. I’ve worn this loads since I got it around September time. I’ve layered it over a chunky stripe knit picking out the blue and pink in the stripes to bring together the rest of the outfit – my Karen Mabon bucket hat, pink converses and of course my Charlotte Simone fur bag again 💖

Oh did I forget to tell you, I’m bringing back the train driver hat 😂
Layering a charcoal tonal stripe long sleeved top under this tulle embroidered and sequin strap maxi.

Then finally my pink oversized tiered dress with a Saturday by Megan Ellaby graphic polo neck underneath, picking out the red in the print with a matching beret and chunky trainers.

All I’m going to say now is bring on Spring! These dresses don’t need and don’t want a coat!

But until the weather gets warmer here’s some major dressed down ball gown styling and other oversized dresses…

Lots of love gang x

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