Hello New Shoes, Bye Bye Blues

Hi girls,

I don’t really have the blues but new shoes always makes a girl happier right!

So yes, I bought 2 pairs of shoes this week. I know, 2 pairs! That might not be crazy to most people but I literally never buy shoes so to me that’s a huge deal and I’m super buzzing to wear them all the time. Also they are expensive shoes, whoops! Sorry credit card!

So the first pair I bought were Sorel snow boots. They are THE most COMFORTABLE shoes I have ever owned. I bought them because I needed some new snow boots for skiing but actually I’ve decided to wear them in London, snow or no snow!
They have super cosy fleece inside lining, waterproof nylon upper and a rubber sole. I love the Sorel logo on the bottom of the sole as well. I’ve been wearing them with black jeans and a jumper but they’d also look cool with a mini skirt and tights – the hiking boot is a major trend right now, just head to any high-street store and you’ll see them everywhere! They’re the kind of shoes that will never go out of fashion, I’ll wear them for years and are very durable.

£120 retail price and comes in different colours, check them out online at https://www.sorelfootwear.co.uk/womens-sorel-explorer-carnival-boot-1808051.html?dwvar_1808051_variationColor=808#start=3

Ps, how cute is this little Christmas wreath bench! They can be found all over Covent Garden so go hunt them down…

Then my second pair of shoes are these absolutely beautiful ‘drool-worthy’ patent leather boots with snake effect by London based brand Miista. They are a fantastic shoe brand that design beautiful shoes in London and manufacture them all in Portugal. I have been wanting a pair of smart boots all season but couldn’t find any I like anywhere. I usually live in trainers about 95% of the time but I have started losing my love for trainers and have been feeling the boot vibe more this season instead.
Anyway, these beauties are super comfy even though they’re a pointed toe and have a block heel. I did size up but that’s just because I have the widest squarest feet known to woman.
£130 retail and again they’re a shoe that will last a long time and won’t go out of ‘Vogue’. They’re great for smarting an outfit up and go brilliantly with jeans and dresses.
Go check out Miista’s online shop at https://miista.com.

Deciding to spend my money on something is super important to me. I don’t think twice about spending my money on cocktails (sound familiar?!) but when it comes to investment pieces for my wardrobe, its a decision that needs a lot of thinking over. When I see something I love in a shop or online, I save it to my phone or make a note of it somehow. Then I think about it for weeks or even months and if I still think it’s something I would wear all the time and I don’t have something like it already in my wardrobe then I’m sold!

So I hope I’ve given you a bit of boot inspiration this weekend, perhaps it’s time to put a pair of boots on your Christmas list?

Lots of love girls xxx


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