Dress of Dreams

Hi girls,

How are we doing today? Another week over and we’re still in the same situation really. Are many of you back to work now or are you still working/staying at home? Or alternatively have you continued to work on the front line, if so then I really do thank you SO much. Keep doing what you’re doing and know that everyone is truly grateful, lots of love to you!

So I had a nightmare week this week. Not only did my period start (so that is what was making my skin so terrible last week, phew) which means I’m highly emotional, tired, bloated and suffering from stomach cramps. Oh the joys of mother nature huh? But my iPad Pro randomly broke on Monday night, devastatingly so – they are just so expensive, and my boyfriend and I have spent all week phoning Apple trying to figure out what is wrong with it. We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a hardware issue and we need to send it away to be fixed (god knows how much that’ll cost!!!). Half of the screen is basically strobing and has gone all blurry, therefore unusable.
I was so upset that I decided to treat myself to something. I know I know, I’m ridiculous when I said last weekend that I’ve not bought anything and have managed to save money in lockdown which is amazing for me. But £30 isn’t going to make much difference is it? Well £30 and…. also another £30 on shoes to go with it eek! But you work hard to play hard right?

So let me tell you about the dress. The dress of dreams! It’s a vintage dress first of all so that makes me feel better that I am buying sustainably. It’s from the 1970s and I bought it on Beyond Retro’s online shop. They have some really cracking pieces and all so affordable too! I’ve put some of my other favourites from their website, below.

I’ve never bought vintage online before so I was a bit nervous but I am so pleased with it! It’s a little bit long so my boyfriend might take it up a bit at the bottom but overall it fits perfectly. I just love the red ditsy floral print with the midnight blue velvet trim and white lace detailing, the neckline is super cute as well.
My sister thinks I’m a nutcase and keeps joking that I’m going to go churn some butter but regardless, it’s weird and wonderful and I love it! I’m all about finding unique outfits and definitely not one for blending in.

It feels so good to be dressing up again today or even just taking the time to style an outfit together. I used to spend ages in the morning coming up with a bright colour clashing outfit. While I have been loving my easy mornings since lockdown and not having to figure out what to wear, I do feel like I’ve lost touch with my style and in a way who I am. I know, it’s a bit dramatic but my outfits are a big part of me and how I express myself (god I sound so cringe). So I’m enjoying reconnecting with my former creative, bonkers dressing, colour clashing self from pre lockdown.






To modernise it (and make it look less like a milk maid!) I’ve styled it with my other new purchase this week, my pink converses! If I were a shoe this would DEFINITELY be it. These shoes are just made for me. I found out about the huge sale on Converses going on right now (go check out their website) and these were reduced from £70 something down to £30. They have pink suede on the outside, canvas on the other side and a leather tongue. I love the red and blue swirls on either side of the soles as well. I know I’m just going to LIVE in these all year round.



I’ll be wearing this dress all year round as well as it’s just so versatile. In Winter it’ll look fab with boots or even…. COWBOY BOOTS. Which almost a year later I am still searching for the perfect pair.

Please see below my other favourite vintage dresses on Beyond Retro right now…

I am SO in love with this dress. I just need to find an excuse to wear it. What a fabulous prom dress it would be!
This is super cute and so cheap! It would look great with a collared white blouse underneath or a polo neck and boots in transitional months
I so almost bought this dress as well but I was good and restricted myself to only one. I love the shape on this one, perfect for those warm Summer months coming up.
How pretty is this one! With a pair of trainers to dress it down, I just think it’s gorgeous.

So I hope you’re all doing okay girls and staying safe out there, lots of love xxxx

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