Make Up Lockdown Looks

Hi gals,
Happy Saturday!

So this week I thought I’d do a make up post as I haven’t done one in a while and I also need to tell you all about the Nars Soft Matte Foundation that I’ve been using!

I’m not one to do make up tutorials or anything as I am in no way an expert in make up and totally believe you should do what works for you. For example, my sister suits eyeliner and big eyes rather than a lipstick but we’ve got completely different skin tones (I’m pale, she’s olive skinned) and completely different hair and eye colour (honestly we look totally different!). What works for me is colour; bright lip, bright eyeshadow and a natural looking skin look i.e not too contoured up.
I absolutely adore doing my make up (it’s like a kind of mediation or therapy) but I do tend to do the same old routine with my eyes shut (not a bad thing as perfect for those times when I’m usually in a rush) so in lockdown I’ve been trying different looks out, different products etc rather than using the same ones each time.

So let’s get straight to it, the Nars foundation – I ABSOLUTELY love it! Totally sold. My previous foundation ran out (I was using Clinique which did serve me well for a couple of years) and I wanted to try something new. I did some research into the best foundation for my type of skin (oily and prone to breakouts) and Nars foundation came out on top. It’s at the top end of my budget in terms of spending money on beauty at £28 but it’s worth it. In a nutshell it’s…
– full coverage
– matte
– natural finish
– liquid-y so easy to apply and doesn’t dry too fast
– doesn’t cake at all and stays in place for basically an entire day (honestly), doesn’t budge even with a mask on!

(Click on the product image to go through to the website)

Here’s 3 different looks I’ve been doing recently and the different products I’m using and loving…

The Full Bright Lipstick Look

We all know I love a bright lipstick (check out my other beauty posts for all my favourite lipsticks and colours to wear). Orange is one of my favourites, it’s great for blue eyes as it makes them appear brighter.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I LOVE NARS LIPSTICK. Honestly, they are the best – stays in place all day, do THE BEST shades, and doesn’t flake, cake or do that thing where you end up with just an outside rim on your lips (Mac I’m looking at you). This one below is their Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in shade Red Square.
Sometimes I’ll do a bright eyeshadow with matching lipstick for a full make up look but it has to match i.e orange and orange otherwise I think it’d be too much 😂 but this time I did a neutral looking eyeshadow.

In the video below I used Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette which is amazing, again gold tones work amazingly with my blue eyes. I then use the classic method of lighter shade in the inner corner of my eyes and a darker shade in the outside edge of my eyes and on the top lid to give them some definition/dimension.

I have also been loving a bit of Hourglass and their Ambient Lighting Powder highlighter in shade Luminous Light. It’s a perfect subtle highlighter for me (sometimes they can be a bit too intense) for sweeping over my cheekbones, my brow bone, my nose and philtrum (the indent above our lip and yes I did google that!).

I do love an eyebrow definition. I don’t really do a lot to my eyebrows (not going to lie; forever grateful Mother Nature 🙌) but I discovered a couple of years ago that a little ‘tend to’ can work wonders.
Benefit is my go to for a clear gel with their 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel. It’s doesn’t need a lot to just give the brows a little bit of ‘umph’.

Then another new product discovery for me in the last few months; this bronzer that I got in my Birchbox from brand RealHer, their Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek in shade Incredible. It’s a good shade for me (not too dark) and a very little amount of powder on the brush goes a long way. I used to just put it over my cheeks but actually I’ve started sweeping it all over my face very lightly to give just an overall glow.

The Quick 5 Min Zoom Call Look

For those mornings at home in a rush (with 5 minutes to go before my first Zoom meeting) I love this all in 1 product that I got in my Birchbox a few months back called The Everything (literally is) from Kiss and Smink. I put it on my cheeks, eyelids and lips for a quick bit of colour. I’m quite pale (especially in Winter) and I do have a tendency to look a bit like a ghost on Zoom or blend into the background 😂, so this product is perfect for me.

The Full Bright Eyeshadow Look

Okay so first up apologies for the state this eyeshadow palette comes in 😂 It’s one of those products that I’ve used daily and taken everywhere so much so that the lid has fallen off and it looks like it’s been dragged through the hedge backwards!
I’ve talked about this product before but it’s just amazing. It’s called Forgive Me Susie in shade Eye Swear that I got in my Birchbox earlier this year. In the video below, I’ve used the gold as my base, the orange for the inner corner and the darkest shade for the outer edges etc.

Then for a different eyebrow product, I’ve been using this brow gel from Beautaniq, their Beauty Fill + Tame Brow Gel in black. It’s taken me a while to get used to this one as it can easily go roque on the brows and I still want a natural look (not like I’ve drawn them on with a crayon). So just a very tiny amount and very lightly touch and sweep the brows (going straight in will result in too much product and nowhere for it to go).

Ooo I love these little pots of wonder! From Glossier, their Glitter Gelee pots in shades Glass Bonsai (green) and Firewalk (pink). They are so easy to apply, just use your finger and touch your eyelids, it’s sticky so will just naturally stay on. Devastatingly though, the brand have discontinued these little glitter pots, bring them back I say!!!

So that rounds up this week’s make up post! Hope you have a good weekend girls.
Lots of love xxx

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