Colourful Tights

Hi girls,
happy Saturday!

So this week I’m talking about colourful tights, short and sweet. I asked for some for Christmas as I like the idea of colour blocking them with different bright outfits. Somehow in moving house last year I misplaced (somehow threw in the bin) all my tights so I desperately need to stock up.

I’m enjoying these pink ones with my matching pink converses and & Other Stories puff sleeve mini dress, picking out the pink tones in the floral print. Throw on a blue fur coat and beret and I’m ready for a walk (the only thing we can get dressed up for).

So here’s some colourful tights outfit inspiration that I’m enjoying and looking forward to styling (when we can leave the house again).

Love the lilac tights here with the coat, so very 60s!
Lilac and red, a winning colour combo
Yellow tights are mega bold but they work well here
LOVE this smart outfit with green tights and beret
This is my favourite look, the shoes and bag with that coat, heaven!
A fab tonal outfit in blue
This is quite different but it so works. Pair smart brown tartan with a little pop of green (making sure the green tones match).
Another fab tonal outfit
This is just amazing, those two colours work wonders!

Very short and sweet today, colourful tights is about all I’ve got right now for inspiration 😂 While I wear my joggers and sweatshirts for days on end sitting at home (come on vaccine!).

Lots of love and stay safe out there girls xxxx

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