The Brands I’m Loving Right Now

Hey gang,
happy Saturday!

So we’re fully in September now (still got major Autumn excitement going on over here) and brands are flooding new season emails into your inbox. However, I don’t know about you but I really don’t feel there’s anything exciting going on in the shops of which we all know. I’m talking mainly high street but even higher end of that like Bimba Y Lola haven’t got anything at the moment that excites me.
(Aside from the brand I work for which I think looks great as always 🙌).

If you’re feeling the same as me, then as a fashion buyer these are the slightly lesser known brands I’m dreaming, loving, lusting after right now…
(Click on the picture for the link to their website)

Saturday By Megan Ellaby
Owned by one of my favourite Instagram bloggers – Megan Ellaby – if you don’t follow her you should.
A small business that does mainly jersey tops and recently introduced leggings and more knitwear. Made in Portugal with an ethical small factory.
I bought my first ever Saturday piece this month after following this brand for over a year.

So tempted with the matching trousers for Winter with boots and an oversized knit.
Such great tops for layering underneath dresses and sweater vests for AW.

A small business I found last year in my epic search for a fabulous pair of cowboy boots. A mixture of East London cool with Italian design.
They are quite spenny but I always think this type of item is worth investing in. I always keep an eye out on 2nd hand apps as well. These type of boots don’t wear out. They’ve just launched their new collection as well and I’m especially obsessed with these pink ones! They often sell out as well as only do small production runs so keep a close eye.

How fabulous is this colour!

Lucy Says Yak
A little bit more well known, if you know me then you know my flower power boilersuit which I just love and live in.
They’ve just launched their new collection inspired by the 70s of course! I am obsessed…

Absolutely love my flower power boilersuit.

Lazy Oaf
Another slightly more well known brand. Lazy Oaf has been around for a while but I feel like they’ve come back this year with a bang. Their new collections have hooked me after loosing interest a few years back.
They have just launched a new collection collaboration with Melissa after the ginormous success of their original collection – I bought the sandals and just adore them.

Love this whole outfit!
New Melissa x Lazy Oaf sandals – so dreamy! 😍
Love my sandals

Gosphell and Sister Jane
A small West London brand that have grown massively over the past couple of years. You may have heard of Sister Jane from being one of the brands in the basement of Topshop Oxford Circus. Well Ghospell is the older sister of Sister Jane.

Kitri Studio
On a similar level, another brand that’s broken through the ranks recently and become part of every bloggers wardrobe; Kitri Studio. Yes they were the brand that did that green dress you must have seen on Instagram a thousand times.

OBSESSED with this outfit
My trousers worn here are from Kitri Studio 🙌
THAT dress

Golden Greed
Then a small business that I found on Etsy that I’ve spoken about on my Instagram. They hand make to order the most amazing collared blouses. The one I’m wearing in my picture above is from them and I would love another one. Such good quality fabric used and a good price too.

By Megan Crosby
Another handmade to order brand – more of these business models are appearing which is great! Sign up for their emails and then you’ll be sent an email for when the next drop is. Everything sells out SUPER FAST so get in there quick.

Damson Madder
If you haven’t heard of Damson Madder yet then go look them up NOW. A brand that have grown massively over the past year and will keep on growing. East London cool with easy statement pieces like the IT dress.

Desperate for this whole outfit in my life
I bought this Damson Madder blouse beginning of this year which I just adore. Then I bought the trousers that match a few months later which I’m currently getting taking up a bit (slightly too long for me rn).

Then you’ve got all the Copenhagen brands which I am just lusting over. Ganni we all know but Resume, Cecile Copenhagen, Stella Nova and Stine Goya are other amazing brands to be obsessed with.

Alongside those Copenhagen brands are the independent boutiques I always visit as well.
Wild Swans boutique with two shops in Islington and Chiswick has all the best that Scandinavian fashion has to offer.
S120 is a small boutique based in Coal Drops Yard that has all sorts of fabulous small brands – that’s where I found Portamento originally.
Mercantile London – a boutique on the edge of Spitalfields Market in East London that I’ve mentioned before and love seeing what new things they have.

So next time you’re in the mood for a shop then have a look at these lesser known independent brands. Although do also have a look for 2nd hand clothing and keep an eye out for my Second Hand Saves every Sunday over on my Instagram stories.

Lots of love xxx

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